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Frank Sinatra, Rolling Stones, Sonic Youth, Led Zepplin, Queen, Guns 'n' Roses........ :D

GINGER- My heros are Frank Sinatra, J.K Rowling, Wonder Woman, Batman, and my mom. THE ARTS....IT'S JUST WAT I DO

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    skatz over 8 years ago.

    hey cc! its sara ;)

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    Sinatra over 9 years ago.

    I dnt really know i couldn't think of anything

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    shane over 9 years ago.

    hey! i love your music too, your songs are awesome! Looking forward to you being a superstar! How come no profile picture?

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    Sinatra over 10 years ago.

    Gee thanks did you hear the other one? oh and how do you win those cool prizes and how do you get that little thumbs up that says "like" next to it


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